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Products which have been made without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives

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Products which are made by hand or a hand process. They are not mass produced with machines in a factory

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Non Animal Tested

Products which have not involved killing or harming any animals including animal testing

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UK Made

Products which have been wholly made in the UK, and not just part of the item

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Products which have no animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients in them and will not have used any animal testing. They will not include any eggs, dairy, meat, fish, shellfish or honey

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Ethically Produced

Products that are manufactured by firms which use positive environmental practices and show concern for human rights

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Carbon Reduced

Products that have a lower carbon footprint than other similar items. The carbon footprint can be determined by the materials used to make the item, the production methods and supply chain emissions

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Plastic Free

Products which do not have any plastic in them. This category also includes alternatives to items that are made from plastic

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Products which have been made through the process of recovering materials from waste and then converting it into a new product

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Products which have been made through the process of reusing discarded material to create a new product. It is recognised as being of a higher quality or value than the original

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Products which can be reused many times, meaning reduced waste

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Sustainably Resourced

Products that are made using materials and processes which are not harmful to the environment

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Buy Once

Products that are durable and long lasting

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Thoughtful Gifting

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