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50 Compostable Coffee Caspules | Taster Box



This Taster Box contains 5 packs of Nespresso® compatible capsules (50 capsules total), each filled with specialty grade coffee.

Sustainably Sourced. 100% Arabica Coffee.

Ethical value

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Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Taster Box includes 5 packs, each containing 10 capsules:

  • 1x Colombia, Strength: 3/5, Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate & Almond
  • 1x Guatemala, Strength: 3/5, Tasting Notes: Tangerine & Chocolate
  • 1x Peru, Strength: 4/5, Tasting Notes: Cherries & Caramel
  • 1x Mexico, Strength: 5/5, Tasting Notes: Peach & Orange Zest
  • 1x Uganda, Strength: 5/5, Tasting Notes: Cocoa & Raspberry

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Brand:Sendero Specialty Coffee

Founded by Pira and Hutan, Sendero Specialty Coffee travel to remote coffee growing regions so that they can work directly with local families and cooperatives in order to source outstanding Arabica coffee beans. They focus on high quality and traceability. ...