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Make a wonderful saving with this stunning gift set for the ultimate bathing ritual. It’s a perfect gift for the bathing beauty, to spoil them for choice with a set of Bath & Shower Oils that smell divine and look très chic in the bathroom. If you love a candle lit bath, you may also be interested in Tale of a Winter Rose.

Beautifully presented in our majestic gift box with its minimalist elegant exterior & striking interior designed by renowned illustrator Deborah Panesar, it features our 3 classic Bath & Shower Oils, plus some delicious wellness tea in our relaxing blend:

– Delicate Romance Balancing Bath & Shower Oil 100ml
– Tranquil Isle Relaxing Bath & Shower Oil 100ml
– Breath of Clarity Uplifting Bath & Shower Oil 100ml
– Clementine Calamity Relaxing Wellness Tea 5 teabags

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Bathing Ritual

We blend generous amounts of the finest pure essential oils in a nourishing plant base of sweet almond, grapeseed, vitamin E & beta carotene. Being extraordinarily concentrated, you’d only need a few drops for a full bath. Also amazing as a shower oil – simply massage a small amount of oil on your décolletage (or manly chest) before entering the shower. The steam from the warm water will release the essential oils & transform your shower into a heavenly aromatherapy experience. 100% natural & vegan friendly.

Gourmet Wellness

We challenged ourselves to create wellness teas that not only taste delicious, but also smell happy and look pretty. Because why can’t living well be a pleasure? None of the twig taste often associated with herbal tea here, our unique blends are naturally flavoured with aromatic spices, fruits and flowers, with a generous sprinkle of colourful petals & fruit pieces for a visual feast. 

Each biodegradable pyramid teabag is supercharged with adaptogenic herbs alongside other gentle, healing herbs – to support your body, mind & spirit through the vivid dance of life. We love to serve these teas with our very own Raw Devon Honey, collected by well cared for bees on pristine Dartmoor.

Wellness Tips

  • Sprinkle a few drops of bath oil into a mug of hot water, & place it by your desk or bedside. The fragrant steam will envelop you in a bubble of aromatherapy bliss.
  • For a mini face steam & aromatherapy inhalation, lean your face above the bath oil mug for a few cherished breaths. Close your eyes, allow the fragrant steam to enter you, infusing you with the healing magic of plant essences. Feel your facial muscles relax into a smile – it’s like a hug in a mug! 


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