Organic Pregnancy Products

Browse our high-quality ethical and organic pregnancy products. Our range of organic pregnancy products includes massage oils, butter, and balms to help prevent stretch marks.

Within our collection, you can shop from brands such as Nom Nom and Terre Verdi, who all share the same ethical morals and values as us.

 During pregnancy, the last thing you want to be using is any products with harmful chemicals. When shopping at eTHikel, you can be assured that all of our pregnancy products are organic and made with natural ingredients.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Pregnancy Products

All of our organic and vegan pregnancy products make the most perfect gifts for an expecting mother in your life, or for a pregnancy treat to yourself.

Nom Nom’s Relax Oil is a wonderful dual-purpose pregnancy and labor massage oil that contains a deliciously scented aromatherapy blend to calm anxiety, soothe aches and pains and help you relax.

Nom Nom’s Stretch Butter eases feelings of tightness and itchiness and also helps to prevent stretch marks. Not forgetting to mention its delicious, gentle vanilla aroma.

Within our range of vegan pregnancy products, you’ll be sure to find a wide variety of other products, all carefully created to make your pregnancy more comfortable and calm.

Why Use Organic Pregnancy Products?

When you are pregnant, the last thing you want to be using is any products with harmful chemicals. Any products we put onto our skin are absorbed into our bodies. This is why it’s highly advised and important to use organic pregnancy products, made with natural and harm-free ingredients.

How to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Massaging the skin in circular motions using butter, oils, or balms. This is beneficial for stretch marks as it can help promote new tissue growth. It is also advised to stay hydrated and to eat a nutrient-rich diet, particularly high in vitamin C and zinc.

How to Prepare The Perineum For Birth?

Massaging the perineum may help it stretch more easily in preparation for birth. Here at eTHikel we have a great perineum balm for this use.

Which Aromatherapy Oils Are Good For Pregnancy?

There are many aromatherapy oils that are great to use whilst pregnant for many different reasons. Cardamom and Ginger both help with morning sickness, Geranium promotes a positive mood, Lavender helps to calm and relax you and promotes a good night’s sleep. Neroli and Petitgrain are also good for this.