Sustainable Toothpaste & Toothpowder

It’s time to maintain your oral health whilst also looking after the planet. Browse our collection of vegan toothpastes. Our aim is to help you to take care of yourself, as well as our precious planet. Making small changes to your everyday lifestyle, such as switching to eco friendly, vegan toothpastes can make a huge impact. Shop our vegan toothpaste below. Our range also includes eco-friendly tooth powder; a much more natural and organic option than conventional toothpaste.

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Eco Friendly & Vegan Toothpaste UK

We solely collaborate with a range of sellers who share the same pro-Earth values as we do. This means you can be assured that all of our dental care products are eco friendly and cruelty-free.

By switching from your regular, conventional toothpaste to one of our vegan toothpastes, you can make a real positive impact. 

Here at eTHikel, you can also shop our range of ethically sourced bamboo toothbrushes. All biodegradable and fully recyclable. Perfectly paired with our vegan toothpastes.


Are all toothpastes vegan?

Most toothpastes that you can find on the market are not vegan-friendly as they contain glycerin, which is made from animal fat. There are vegan toothpastes available, be sure to check the ingredients.

What makes your toothpastes eco-friendly?

A lot of toothpastes are not environmentally friendly. Most conventional toothpastes use a lot of plastic in their packaging, and also often contain harmful, pollutant ingredients. Many toothpastes also contain palm oil, which continues to be a major driver behind deforestation.

How do you use tooth powder?

In order to use tooth powder, it requires the addition of water. Sprinkle a very small amount of powder onto your wet toothbrush, and brush your teeth like you normally would.