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It’s time to treat yourself to a delightful new scent, whilst being more mindful of our precious planet. Shop our collection of high-quality cruelty-free fragrances, all made using and organic ingredients. We solely collaborate with a range of sellers who share the same pro-Earth values as we do. This means you can be assured that all of our fragrances are eco friendly and involve absolutely zero animal testing. All free from SLS, parabens, and other harsh chemicals; kinder to the planet, and kinder to your skin too. Natural essential oils also bring emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energy-enhancing, or mood-lifting. Find your new perfect scent today.

Shop our organic, cruelty-free fragrances below.

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Organic & Vegan Fragrances UK

Feel fresh, confident and attractive with Haoma’s Lavender Organic Single Note Eau De Parfum. 100% made with ingredients from natural origin. Also available in a variety of desirable scents – find yours today.

Our organic and vegan fragrances also make perfect presents for a vegan and eco-conscious loved one in your life. 

Lola’s Apothecary’s Sweet Lullaby roll-on perfume comes gift-ready in their signature magnetic gift box, complete with a hand-tied ribbon. 

Also, enjoy free UK shipping when you spend over £20 with Lola’s Apothecary.


Are all fragrances vegan?

No, not all fragrances are vegan, some fragrances are vegan while others are not. Some fragrances contain or are made with animal-derived ingredients. There are vegan fragrances available.

Why use organic fragrances?

Organic fragrances are free from chemicals, making them much kinder to your skin. Our organic perfumes are made using natural essential oils instead of synthetics, which can also have healing properties.

What makes your fragrances more eco-friendly?

Each of our organic fragrances are made with sustainably sourced natural ingredients. No harsh pollutant chemicals, and no animal testing.