Womens Sustainable Fragrances

Our women’s organic fragrances are the perfect solution for feeling and smelling delightful, whilst protecting our wonderful planet, and your skin too!

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Our high-quality women’s organic fragrances are handmade using natural and eco-friendly ingredients. All free from any parabens and synthetics. The simplicity of our organic fragrances makes them absolutely suitable for everyone, including those with the most sensitive skin.

Within our collection of vegan fragrances, there is a variety of sublime scents; you are sure to find your perfect aroma.

Women’s Cruelty-Free and Vegan Fragrances

The fragrance industry is one that has been heavily criticized for the use of animal testing in its products. We at eTHikel believe this to be completely unacceptable. Our vegan fragrances are all ethically sourced and cruelty-free, containing no animal-derived materials or byproducts. 

Try Haoma’s Organic Eau De Parfum, a magical and majestic blend of Frankincense and Myrrh.

Or try their classic Lavender eau de parfum, leaving you feeling fresh, confident, attractive, and timeless.

We also have a range of roll-on fragrances, perfect to pop in your bag when you’re on the go. 

Lola’s Apocathecary’s Sweet Lullaby Perfume Oil Roll-On comes gift-ready in their signature magnetic gift box, complete with a hand-tied ribbon too.

Are All Fragrances Vegan?

No, not all fragrances on the market are vegan. Most perfume brands test their products on animals, and some also use animal-derived ingredients. You can be assured that none of the products we sell at eTHikel involve any type of animal cruelty are completely vegan friendly.

Why Are Organic Fragrances Better?

Organic fragrances are much better for your skin and overall health as they are made with natural ingredients, meaning they are free from any Parabens or other harmful chemicals. These types of chemicals found in many other fragrances are not only harmful to your skin but to the environment too.

What Makes a Fragrance Organic?

A fragrance is organic if it’s been made solely from natural products, without the use of any kind of artificial chemicals. Organic perfumes do not contain ingredients grown with chemicals, pesticides, or toxins, which can cause skin sensitivity and environmental damage. The ingredients found in organic fragrances tend to include essential oils and aromatic compounds derived from plant materials, such as flowers.