Organic Eye Makeup

Discover our high-quality vegan and organic eye makeup, including a range of beautiful vegan eyeshadows. All are made with 100% organic and vegan ingredients, with absolutely no animal testing involved. Not only are our organic eye makeup products kinder to our planet, but they are also much more kind to your skin too. Particularly ideal for those with sensitive skin or eyes. INIKA Organic’s Long Lash Mascara is made with a gentle formula, yet has a powerful effect. Ultra-long lashes, with intense and rich colour.

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Organic Eyeshadow & Eye Makeup

You don’t have to compromise your ethics when it comes to beauty. We only stock products from sellers who share our pro-Earth values. This means you can be assured that each of our eye makeup products is 100% organic and cruelty-free. 

Choose from loose mineral vegan eyeshadows, and creamy organic eyeshadows, perfect for a  natural and luminous day look. Also can be used as a highlighting cream to illuminate your brow and cheekbones. Or apply to lips for a classy nude look – three vegan products in one!

As well as organic eyeshadows and mascaras, we also sell a collection of biodegradable glitter. A much more eco-friendly option for you to have some guilt-free, glitzy fun. 


Are all eyeshadows vegan?

Most eyeshadows you will find on the market are not vegan friendly. This is due to them often having non-vegan animal-derived ingredients such as animal fats. Non-vegan ingredients you’ll find in most eyeshadows include carmine, glycerin, tallow and squalene.

What are the benefits of using organic eye makeup?

Organic eye makeup products are particularly beneficial due to them being wholly natural, without any substances that could be harmful to the skin of the eyelids and eye area. The skin around your eyes is particularly fragile, and it’s extremely important to look after it. The harmful substances often found in makeup can also enter your bloodstream. Organic eye makeup products are just as effective as any others you find on the market.

How is organic eye makeup better for the environment?

Organic eye makeup products are better for the environment as they are solely made with natural ingredients. They, therefore, don’t involve any toxic pollutants, nor cause any harm to any animals.