Organic Face Makeup

Be kind to your skin with ethical and environmentally friendly organic makeup. All are made with natural and vegan ingredients. Did you know our skin absorbs the makeup that we use? This is why using purely organic and natural makeup is highly important. Within our collection of organic makeup, you can choose from organic foundations, bronzers, highlighters and more. You don’t have to compromise your ethics when it comes to beauty. We only stock products from sellers who share our pro-Earth values. This means you can be assured that each of our organic makeup products are eco-friendly and 100% cruelty-free.

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Organic Face Makeup

Our organic face makeup products are all made purely of natural ingredients, perfect for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

Making the switch to organic makeup is not only a whole lot kinder to your skin, it’s also kinder to our precious planet too. Zero harmful chemicals, and zero animal testing. Shop INIKA Organic’s Essential Starter Kit to make your transition to natural, clean beauty products a delight.

Our organic face makeup products make the perfect gifts for a beauty-obsessed loved one in your life, particularly those who are eco-conscious and animal-loving. 


Why is organic makeup better for your skin?

Our skin absorbs the makeup that we apply onto it, which is why using natural and organic makeup is much more beneficial for you and your skin. Organic makeup products are typically free of harmful ingredients, making them especially safer for sensitive skin. Non-organic makeup products on the other hand are full of many harmful ingredients that can be extremely irritating to the skin, and can even be absorbed into our bloodstream. 

Why is organic makeup better for the environment?

The chemicals found in many non-organic makeup products are not only harmful to you and your skin but are also harmful to the environment. Using organic makeup is a great way to cut down the amount of pollutants that can enter the body and our ecosystem.

Does organic mean vegan?

No, organic and vegan are not synonymous. Not all organic products are vegan friendly due to the use of some animal-derived ingredients such as honey. They may also still be tested on animals. However, you can be assured that all of our organic makeup products are additionally vegan.