Organic Hair & Beardcare

Discover our range of men’s vegan hair care. Within our collection, you can choose from a wide selection of vegan shampoos and conditioners, that will all be sure to leave your hair and scalp feeling freshly revived. All ​​100% natural: SLS and paraben-free. For an even more eco-friendly and plastic-free option, opt for one of our shampoo bars. Handmade using the finest natural ingredients including pure essential oils and herbs and spices. Your facial hair needs looking after too. With The PURE Collection’s real oud vegan beard oil, you can groom your beard guilt-free. Nourish and protect your facial hair, and moisturise the skin beneath. No harmful chemicals and absolutely zero animal testing.

Shop our men’s vegan hair care products and organic beard oils below. 

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Vegan Hair Care For Men

Here at eTHikel, we only stock products from sellers who share our pro-Earth values. You can therefore be certain that each and every one of the men’s vegan hair care products within our collection are sustainably made, with absolutely zero animal testing involved.

Our vegan men’s hair products are not only an ideal treat for yourself, they also make the perfect gifts for men. Particularly those who are eco-conscious and animal-loving.

Our vegan shampoo bars not only leave your hair shiny and smooth, and smelling divine, they also make great zero waste options. Shine Shampoo Bars also come in handy, stylish reusable, recyclable tins – perfect for travelling.

No Ordinary’s Balance shampoo balances not only your hair but also your mind, with its premium grade essential oils. It stimulates natural hair growth and is also a great shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp. 


Why is organic hair care better?

Opting for organic hair care products is a great decision for your hair’s health due to being 100% natural and therefore being free of harmful ingredients such as SLS and parabens. These toxic ingredients can cause a number of problems to your hair and overall health.

Why should I use beard oil?

Beard oil is a great conditioning serum that helps to groom and soften your beard hair. Beard oil also nourishes and moisturises the skin beneath your beard. Using beard oil will help to keep your beard looking fuller, softer, and tamer. It can also be used to promote beard growth.

Why are the benefits of using shampoo bars?

Our vegan shampoo bars are handmade using all-natural products, with zero harmful chemicals. Shampoo bars not only leave your hair shiny and smooth, and smelling divine, the absence of the plastic bottle also makes them great zero waste options.