Sustainable Mens Skincare

Discover our range of Organic Men’s Skin Care products. Within our collection, you can choose from a wide selection of natural moisturisers and lotions such as INIKIA Organic’s rich day creams. All enhanced with luxurious natural oils to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. These divine creams also create an effective shield against pollution, minimising the effects of ageing. All ​​100% natural: SLS and paraben-free. Watson & Wolfe’s handcrafted vegan wash bag is also the perfect stylish solution to store all of your new organic skincare goodies. Available in a choice of colours.

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Organic Skin Care For Men

Here at eTHikel, we only stock products from sellers who share our pro-Earth values. You can, therefore, rest assured that each and every one of the organic men’s skincare products within our collection are sustainably made, with absolutely zero animal testing involved.

Our organic men’s skincare products are not only an ideal treat for yourself, they also make the perfect gifts for men. Particularly those who are eco-conscious and animal-loving.

Shop The Pure Collection’s Limited Edition Gift Set, a collection of 6 of their finest products. All organic serums and oils are made to deeply nourish your skin.


Why is organic skincare better?

Opting for organic skin care products is a great decision for your skin’s health due to being 100% natural and therefore being free of any harmful ingredients. These toxic ingredients can cause a number of problems to your skin and overall health when they are absorbed. Organic skincare products are also much more eco-friendly options due to being made with purely natural ingredients, with no harm to any animals or the ecosystem.

Is skincare important for men?

Skincare is just as important for men as it is for women. Our skin is living tissue and is vulnerable to harmful effects of air pollution and other irritants. It is therefore vital for men to take care of their facial skin if they want it to be healthy and look its best. Using our organic skincare products will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and spots.

How often should men moisturise?

Skincare should be a daily priority for men, and moisturiser should ideally be used twice a day. It is advised to apply a face moisturiser after you’ve cleansed your skin in the morning, and again in the evening, before going to bed.