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3RD/DIADEM was launched in September 2020 in London by Gow Tanaka, combining over 25 years experience in the fashion industry as a session hairstylist, with his passion for attention to detail, in particular with the exquisite handcrafting found in traditional Japanese design.

Gow spent over four years researching materials and learning and perfecting his own techniques for 3D design and craft.  He made a promise to himself that he would not settle for anything less than the ultimate material from which to create his designs.   Eventually he found it.  A unique, sustainable material, made from recycled paper that had been created for the manufacture of high-end interior furnishings.  It was perfect for Gow to finally create the products within his Dappe collection.  He was know able to offer true ’Sustainable luxury’.

Gow took the inspiration he found within his cultural heritage, his deep understanding of the principles of hairdressing and four years solely dedicated to design and development, to create his first original product, Dappe Comb.

Following the release of his signature product, Dappe Collection has expanded to include unisex accessories to both desk and table ware.

3RD/DIADEM reflects its vision.  The creation of unique, sustainable and eye-catching pieces that symbolise rarity and style.

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