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Every good idea starts with a problem.  Our problem was that as parents to 2 primary school age children, Dexter and Cassia we just couldn’t find the right drinks bottle.

We were searching for a bottle that ideally did several jobs all at the same time.  The water bottle needed to be reusable and plastic free, we were fed up with constantly replacing water bottles.  As a family we have made a real effort to cut down on our plastic use.  Both Dexter and Cassia have spent many hours cleaning up plastic at the beach and are as keen as we are to cut down on plastic.

We really wanted a bottle that was produced in the UK, the ‘Bear’ metal of the bottles comes from China as unfortunately this is the only option right now.  The rest of production, print and treatment are all carried out in the UK which is 70-80% of the production.

It needed to keep their drinks cool, be easy to clean, not get dented or split when dropped, the aluminium and plastic bottles did neither of these jobs, so it had to be made of high-grade stainless steel.

We wanted our drinkwear to be identifiably theirs so we would need creative stunning artwork…..and wouldn’t it also be great if each bottle and coffee cup could stay germ free!

Now there are many bottles that do some of these, but we just couldn’t find one that did every one of them and we didn’t want to become just another one of those water bottle companies…

So, with our joint extensive knowledge in the promotional merchandise industry we were able to properly investigate and search for the right product. Working closely with our UK factory we developed our brand BugBear(TM) Bottles and coffee cups which are all individually treated with a patent protected, fully certified AntiBug® treatment (clinically proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria from 50 common organisms such as MRSA, E.coli and salmonella and will continue to fight for the lifetime of the product).  Our bottles are made from 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel, so they keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.  Our bottles are all lead and BPA free.  Our packaging is plastic free and fully recyclable.

Our designed range of BugBear drinkware are the only bottles that you need this year whether it’s for the gym, school, beach, work or for your desk at home… we have a bottle for you.

We hope that you make BugBear part of your family as it is now has become part of ours.

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How does AntiBug® technology work?

During production of your BugBear™ bottle, silver antimicrobials are added to the surface. These silver ions are then concentrated on your bottle and remain available to act immediately against any bacteria that would otherwise contaminate it. The silver ions bind with the bacteria cells, damaging them and stopping them from reproducing which then causes the harmful bacteria cells to die.

Is AntiBug® technology safe?

Yes. Silver technology has a low toxicity and is already safely used in a number of certified applications such as skin products and sub-dermal devices. Our treatment is regulated in the UK and EU by the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) and in the US by the EPA.

How long does it last?

Your BugBearTM bottle will continue to effectively kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria for the lifetime of the product, under normal use.

Can bacteria become resistant to AntiBug® Technology?

There are several modes of action that silver utilise. Due to this, it is highly unlikely bacteria will ever become resistant to your BugBearTM bottle’s coating, making it safe for the lifespan of the product.

Do I still need to clean my BugBearTM bottle?

We still encourage you to clean your BugBearTM bottle, the AntiBug® technology is complementary to cleaning practices. Your bottle will continue to work 24 hours a day between your normal cleaning schedules, reducing growth of microbes to prevent germs reaching potentially dangerous levels.

How do I clean my BugBear Bottle?

We recommend cleaning your bottle after each use with hot soapy water. Every now and again you can sterilise the inside of the bottle either with a mild sterilising solution or a mixture of hot water, vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda for a more natural alternative.  Once washed, leave the bottle to dry upside down and without the lid on. They are not suitable for dishwashers due to potential damage of the paint or print and antimicrobial protection.

What can I put in my BugBear bottle or cup?

We all know that staying hydrated is so important so carrying your BugBear bottle around with your favourite drink is key.
We say that pretty much anything can be put in our bottles but they are not suitable for carbonated fizzy drinks, flammable, corrosive or chemical substances.
Hot liquids can create pressure inside the product resulting in the release of hot water vapour. Always open the mouthpiece with product in upright position.
If filling the bottle with boiling water, allow the drink to cool for at least 3 minutes prior to closing the lid. Always keep out of reach of children when using hot liquids.
Do not overfill the bottle. Use with care, it is difficult to judge the temperature of your drink through the double wall flask.

Can my BugBear bottle go in the microwave and dishwasher?

No, the bottles are not suitable for microwave or dishwashers.