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At FabRap, we’re focused on creating sustainable and ethical gift wrapping that stands the test of time. Through working with environmentally and ethically responsible suppliers and materials, we aim to support and encourage sustainable practices in everyday life. We’re about giving back to our planet and paving the way for a more socially and environmentally conscious future that we can all be proud of. Our GOTS-certified supplier is held to the highest ethical business standards to ensure a product that is not only kind to the planet but kind to its people, too.

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What size should I buy?

Some simple rules of thumb to keep in mind when choosing the correct size:

– Choose a size with a diagonal length 3 times the longest length of the object you will be wrapping. So for example, if your item is 25cm on its longest side, choose size Medium (55 x 55cm square, with a diagonal length of 78cm).

– Keep in mind fabric gift wrapping or Furoshiki embraces a creative and fluid process and there are no set rules to follow.

– Every wrap style and sizing requirement varies a little.

– Usually, a little more room to wrap with is better than not enough.

– Remember because you’re using fabric, you can tie tight knots without tearing or damaging the gift or the FabRap!