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SoleCup is a Birmingham based family run company focused on creating long-life alternatives to disposable items. We’re on a mission to reduce waste and improve taste for coffee, tea and smoothie drinkers.

Our eco-focused company has grown out of a love for good coffee and the simple idea that using less and caring for the environment are the basics of a sustainable lifestyle.

We all know disposables have got to go. More than 400 billion disposable cups are thrown away each year. What’s worse is that most of those are not recyclable and we don’t think they do anything for the taste either!

And so SoleCup was born, a long-life multi-use reusable glass travel mug. Its perfect for coffee drinkers but uniquely it can also be used for tea infusions and smoothies.  Meaning there is no need for extra cups for different occasions.

We want you to know we are passionate about reducing the use of disposable cups and single use plastics and we encourage a refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy.  We have carried this philosophy into products we have added to the range and ensure all packaging is either recyclable or bio-degradable.

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What is my SoleCup made of?

Your SoleCup is made with durable borosilicate glass and it’s also heat resistant.

Also, our grip sleeves are made from fully recyclable silicone or cork.

And our lids are made with plastic and stainless steel creating a long life premium drinking experience.

Can I recycle my SoleCup?

Yes, your SoleCup is recyclable, and you can recycle all of our other products too.

Are SoleCups BPA Free?

Yes, your SoleCup is completely BPA Free.

Can I put my SoleCup in the Dishwasher?

Yes, you’ll be glad to know your cup is dishwasher safe but please remove the bands.

Can I put my SoleCup in the Microwave?

Yes, if you remove the lid it’s microwave safe.

Will my SoleCup fit in my car cup holder?

Yes, your SoleCup will fit in the majority of car cup holders.

Are SoleCups compatible with coffee shop machines?

Absolutely, your SoleCup is barista friendly and it works in all coffee shop machines.

Will my SoleCup leak?

Our lids are screw-on resulting in the best possible seal, also our lids press close making them splash proof.  However, we wouldn’t recommend putting it in a rucksack as it may get knocked open.

How long will my drink stay warm?

We typically advise 30-90 minutes but this is a tricky one, as it really depends on the drink. For instance, drinks without milk will stay warmer for longer.