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As I sat and watched the new world of “plastic free” shops being born in 2018 I saw the huge trend and need for a plastic free cosmetic range. So many people wanted to ditch the bottles and tubes to ensure our seas were cleaner but still wanted great products that worked for everyday uses.
Pit-Tastic! today is highly recommended by many people ranging from breastfeeding mothers, sports people, Menopausal women, those who travel (no need for liquids!) and just about anyone who desires fresh armpits without the nasty ingredients on their body.
It important to me that everyone and anyone has a choice of bar to suit their skin type and preferences. My “Standard” bar was the first born and still remains a firm favorite amongst customers. “Sensitive” and “Vegan” options were then mixed to perfection for the same solid bar deodorant.
My Story with Pit-Tastic!
One day in March 2019 I had a Stroke. This took my speech, understanding, reading and writing. Following my injury I hand formulated (over a six month period) to make the ultimate Pit-Tastic!
The solid deodorant was a journey. Stirring, mixing, adding, reducing, getting just the right balance of natural ingredients for me was a soothing practice that helped my brain injury.
In the near future I wish to launch a group to connect people called “Causing a Stir”. This is to connect people and bring them together to mix, chat and talk through anything. The reason behind this is due to me getting so much joy out of hand making the Pit-Tastic! bars.