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During the research and development phase for Watson & Wolfe in early 2017, founder Helen Farr-Leander, learned of the environmental damage being caused by the fashion and leather industries. Did you know, cow-derived leather is almost 3x more damaging to the environment than synthetic alternatives? It is also estimated that the Fashion industry accounts for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.

Having worked in the leather goods industry for 10 years, it was these insights that changed the course of Watson & Wolfe and created the compassionate and planet conscious business it is today.

Our collection uses corn-based materials with up to 45% bio plant content from renewable sources and recycled inner linings.

Our focus on being a responsible brand runs far deeper than our materials. We source materials from suppliers who are as eco conscious as we are, we limit the amount of waste we generate, and we offset our carbon emissions by investing in reforesting projects. Every order we get plants 1 tree through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

We do not use PVC in any of our collections and each item is handmade with premium quality, low impact vegan materials and made in an ethical supply chain.

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