What Chemicals should you look out for in Bath Bombs?


Learn about the chemicals to look out for in Bath Bombs and how they can be harmful.

Over the past few years, bath bombs have become increasingly popular. It’s often high up there as far as luxury indulgence is concerned. However, did you know that some companies add ingredients that not only harm the environment but also can lead to skin sensitivity, certain diseases, and even Cancer.

In the UK it is a legal requirement that every cosmetic product that is sold must include a complete ingredient list although it’s not always easy to understand what they mean. Here’s a list of some of the ingredients found in bath bombs that will shock you:

Aldeydes  – may cause cerebral ischemia/neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, embryotoxicity, liver disease, respiratory allergies, sclerosing peritonitis

Artificial Dyes – may cause allergies, ADHD in children as well as neuron damage and brain cancer

Benzene Derivatives – may cause human carcinogen, hormone disruption, lower immune response, reproductive malformation

Parabens – may cause skin allergies, links to disrupting endocrine system

Plastic Glitter – not only is it bad for the environment but it can also cause vaginal infections

The good news is that the same luxury experience can be created using luxury bath salts and essential oils.