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Eco Friendly Geranium Leaf All-purpose Cleaner 1L refill



This 1 litre recyclable PET bottle is perfect for topping up your 470ml glass bottle. You can also purchase these together as a Refill & Reuse Duo.

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Additional Information

• Planet conscious
• Family friendly
• Plant based and biodegradable
• Recycled and recyclable PET bottle
• No harsh detergents
• No phosphates
• No parabens
• No SLS
• Vegan
• Made in the UK
• Cruelty free


< 5%: Non-ionic surfactants (lauryl glucoside, lauramine/myristamine oxide, PEG-20 sorbitan mono-oleate); preservative (phenoxyethanol); fragrance (contains: citronellol, geraniol, linalool). Also contains: aqua, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, diethylene glycol monomethyl ether.


Delicate notes of Geranium which create a light, uplifting and balanced scent for your home and will leave it smelling like a spa!

Instructions for Use

Give a light spritz (less is more), wipe with a clean damp cloth and follow up with a dry micro fibre cloth after to polish & shine… watch your surfaces sparkle. This product is perfect for use on surfaces such as stove tops, tiles, bench tops, laminates and high chairs. Please be sure to spot test before use. Apply with caution on varnished, lacquered or polished timber surfaces.

Seller Information

Brand:Colt & Willow

Colt & Willow is a range of powerful plant-based cleaning products that look good, smell good & do good—transforming the cleaning experience for you, your family, your home & the planet so you can feel happy, confident & safe.


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