Organic Detox & Cleanse Products

Looking to reset and feel refreshed? Choose from a fantastic range of organic detox and cleanse products within our health and wellbeing selection.

All ethical and environmentally friendly.

Haoma’s Organic Clarity Mood Roll is exactly what you need to clear your mind. Hand-blended essential oils to help you when you need to be organized. It will calm your thoughts and help you to be ready to take action.

Our organic detox and cleanse products make the perfect gifts for those into health and wellness, or of course a well-deserved treat for yourself to give you the reset you need.

Eco-Friendly Detox & Cleanse Products

We only collaborate with sellers who share our pro-Earth values.

Haoma sells products that are specially formulated to be effective without the need for any preservatives and emulsifiers. Haoma is one of the few brands in the world that offers products free of preservatives and emulsifiers with no heavily processed ‘plant-derived ingredients. No synthetics, no toxins, no plastic. Just sensational products that are pure, certified organic, and vegan.

Shop Haoma’s wonderful eco-friendly detox and cleanse products here on eTHikel today.

What Is The Best Essential Oil For Mental Clarity?

Haoma’s Organic Clarity Mood Roll is exactly what you need to clear your mind. Hand-blended with the perfect essential oils for mental clarity including Safflower, Lavender, Clary Sage, Juniper, Black Pepper, Rosemary.

What Makes a Product Certified Organic?

Any product sold as ‘certified organic’ in the UK has to comply with organic regulation requirements. These organic standards apply to all aspects of organic manufacturing and production, storage and sales. Organic products avoid the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

What Makes Our Detox and Cleanse Products Eco-Friendly?

All of the products that we sell at eTHikel are eco-friendly due to being free from any harmful preservatives and toxins that are not only bad for our own health but the environment too. We also ensure to sell products with no, or minimal plastic packaging.