Organic Mood, Rest & Sleep Products

Looking to boost your mood naturally? Or looking for natural relaxation and sleep aids? Shop our collection of organic mood, rest, and sleep products.

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It’s so important to get a good night’s sleep, and our high-quality organic sleep products will help you do just that. From therapeutic bath bombs, pillow mists tonight support supplements. You’ll be sure to feel relaxed and refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

We also have a range of hand-blended essential oil roll-ons, to give you a dose of positivity throughout the day.

Eco-Friendly Mood, Rest & Sleep Products

Our eco-friendly mood, rest and sleep products make fantastic gifts for any loved ones, or as a well-deserved treat for yourself. 

Aromatherapy remedies are lifesavers in every situation. Shop Haoma’s Organic Mood Roll – a perfect blend of essential oils that will help you to feel uplifted, calm, and composed.

Or if you are looking to create a peaceful haven to help you sleep, Haoma’s Night Mist is just for you. The mist is hand blended with certified organic essential oils including Clary Sage, Palmarosa, and Ylang Ylang. For a feeling of calm and comfort, gently spray in a room, over your pillow, bedding, or your body.

Does Magnesium Help Sleep?

Magnesium helps the body relax. This nutrient reduces stress and helps you sleep longer. Take 2 of our Night Support capsules 30 minutes before bed for a blissful night’s rest. What’s more, is that it’s free from sedatives so it doesn’t cause drowsiness in the morning.

Do Pillow Mists Help You Sleep?

Pillow mists and sprays are proven to work because they produce sleep-inducing hormones – aromas cause our bodies to produce melatonin, a hormone which promotes restful sleep. … Regular use of pillow mists also triggers a good habit – a cue to get our body and mind to associate a specific scent with falling asleep.

Do Essential Oils Help Your Mood?

Essential oils not only smell divine, but they also can help to shift emotions, hormones, moods, and the stress response. Many essential oils have anxiety-reducing, calming, and mood-lifting properties.