Sustainable Bedding

Sleep comfortably at night knowing that your bed is made from naturally sourced materials and no animals have been involved. See how much easier you rest knowing that your decisions are helping to make our beautiful planet a better place. 

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Our sustainable bedding range is 100% ethically sourced and cruelty-free, allowing you to take care of the planet and get the best nights sleep whilst doing so. 

Poorly made beddings and other comfort elements may be manufactured in a way that causes them to become less-insulated, easy to rip and uncomfortable to lay in, our vegan beddings help to remove any of these concerns and are all 100% organically sourced, so that you can rest your body comfortably, knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of your bedding. 

Cruelty-Free Bedding For A Good Nights Sleep

Using sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials to create our bedding is a great way to ensure that materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, can be given another chance and be crafted into something comfortable and given another cycle of life. 

Our bedding products are sourced from companies such as Sleep Organic, and Ethical Bedding. This means that all of our products sold on eTHikel, are 100% UK sourced and produced. These products are made with 100% ethically sourced cotton in order to ensure the products are well insulated and keep you warm at night, with some products being made with Eucalyptus, to keep them cool to the touch and softer than any other fabric. 

Most beddings that can be found in stores and online, will not be organic or ethically sourced. Being crafted with materials such as wool and silk, that have been derived from animals would cause the products to be deemed unsustainable, and being produced in large warehouses that negatively affect the environment would also hinder their ability to be classed as organic. Our products are made with, organically sourced, fair trade cotton, and other plant-based materials like Eucalyptus. 

We are incredibly passionate about repurposing eco-friendly, recycled materials, into a powerful, bold, and beautiful, vegan fashion statement.  

Our vegan bedroom pillows make the perfect gift for anyone who is vegan, especially those with a good sense of style, and a passion for our planet. 

We also sell a variety of other vegan bedroom products including duvets and pillows. All make perfect gifts for any vegan bedroom. 

Is Bedding Always Sustainable?

No most beddings aren’t always vegan as they can be made from popular materials such as wool, fur or silk, and instead, we recommend looking for Eucalyptus or cotton based bedding alternatives. The actual stuffing of the bedding itself is also unlikely to be vegan with most products using wool or inorganic cotton in order to create comfort inside of the sheets, this is why all the cotton we use is fairtrade and sustainable. 


What Makes The Comfiest Vegan Bedding?

In order to shy away from the use of unsustainable cotton and wool, when choosing what your bedding is made from, we consider organic cotton and Eucalyptus based materials to be just as comfortable and much more sustainable alternative, these materials are incredibly comfortable to wrap your body in and allow you to be reminded of your own impacts on the planet.


Why Buy Vegan Bed Sheets?

Investing in sustainable bedding is a fantastic choice to make. Not only are you helping to fight against animal cruelty, but by shopping eTHikel, you are choosing to purchase products that are handmade and recyclable, our products are made to last, and have only positive impacts on the environment around us, Choosing fairtrade and hand-woven products, over unethical, mass-produced stock.