Organic Bedroom Duvets

Sleep comfortably at night knowing that your bed is made from naturally sourced duvets and other materials. An eco-friendly bedroom is good for you and good for the environment shop from our high quality ethical and environmentally friendly duvets, and cot & cot bed duvets from Sleep Organic.

Our sustainable bedroom duvets range is 100% ethically sourced and cruelty-free, allowing you to take care of the planet and get the best nights sleep whilst doing so. 

Poorly made duvets and other bedding elements may be manufactured in a way that causes them to become less-insulated, easy to rip and uncomfortable to lay in, our vegan duvets help to remove any of these concerns and are all 100% organically sourced, so that you can rest comfortably, knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of your duvet. 

Cruelty-Free Pillows For Your Bedroom

Using sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials to create Duvets is a great way to ensure that materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, can be given another chance and be crafted into something comfortable and given another cycle of life. 

Our Duvets are produced by a company known as Sleep Organic. All of their Duvets and beddings that they sell through eTHikel are all 100% hand woven and produced in the United Kingdom. This means that anything that is sold on our site hasn’t been produced in large industrial factories, and no harm is done to our environment. All cotton used in the making of these products has been organically sourced and deemed as fairtrade in order to be sustainable to use in our duvets.

Lots of other duvets and beddings that you come across will not be handmade in the UK and are likely to of been produced in an unethical manner, by the use of non-fair-trade workforces, or large mass-production factories that have bad effects on our environment. All cotton used in our duvets are all fairtrade and organically sourced so that no materials are derived from animals or become non-recyclable. 

We are incredibly passionate about repurposing eco-friendly, recycled materials, into a powerful, bold, and beautiful, vegan fashion statement.  

Our vegan bedroom duvets make the perfect gift for anyone who is vegan, especially those with a good sense of style, and a passion for our planet. 

We also sell a variety of other vegan bedroom products including pillows and beddings. All make perfect gifts for any vegan bedroom. 

What Materials Aren’t Vegan?

There are a number of everyday materials which are not considered vegan, meaning that they are produced or derived from the suffering or killing of animals. Silk, Leather, Feathers, Wool, Suede and Fur, are all everyday items that are not considered to be vegan. Instead, we recommend trying bamboo, eucalyptus or cotton-based materials instead, which can still be considered very comfortable and are very strong, vegan alternatives. 


Are Duvets Always Sustainable?

Duvets are very unlikely to always be organic or sustainable unless mentioned by the seller. Duvets can often be created from things like wool, down, feathers, silk or other animal-derived materials, this is why we use plant-based sources such as bamboo or eucalyptus in order to be recyclable and sustainable. Using fair-trade cotton is also something that we do to ensure that our materials are sourced in ethical ways. 


What Makes The Comfiest Vegan Duvets?

Our eucalyptus duvets are a great example of how a plant-based material can be arguably comfier than animal-derived, or unethically sourced alternatives. Our duvets are cool to the touch and incredibly soft. All products are hand-woven and sourced in the UK, to ensure that we don’t stock anything mass-produced in un-economic, environmentally damaging factories.