Sustainable Bean Bags

Create a happy healthy home that combines comfort whilst being environmentally conscious with our high quality, ethical and sustainable bean bags. All bean bags are plastic-free, environmentally friendly  and designed and produced by The Big Beanbag Company located in Cornwall.

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We are proud to offer the world’s first eco-friendly bean bags, which are made to be fully sustainable. All bean bags are handmade to order across the United Kingdom. 

Our bean bags are manufactured and filled with bio-foam. A material created by plants made both pet and children friendly, with no negative impact on the environment. 

Shop our vegan bean bag range today, to help support our eco-friendly values!


Ethical Bean Bags for Your Living Room

Have you ever considered the impact the average bean bag has on the environment? Most bean bags are filled with balls of polystyrene and hard-celled plastics, which can harm wildlife when littered, due to how long it takes to biodegrade. 

The manufacturing of polystyrene can cause tremendous amounts of hazardous waste, dangerous for water sources, wildlife, and even humans. As well as this, the production also contributes to global warming.

The material of bean bags exteriors can be crafted from things like leather, or unethically sourced fabrics including cotton.  Any materials derived from animals including wool or suede are not vegan.. 

Anything sourced that isn’t organic or upcycled or from businesses that have little human rights for their employees would not be ethically obtained. The bean bags sold by eTHikel are designed and produced by The Big Beanbag Company. You can rest assured knowing that all products are sustainable and eco-friendly.

The bean bags on our site are handmade in Cornwall, using only vegan, and sustainable materials that have been sourced organically. Strong double stitching is implemented to high quality, using recycled plastic bottles.

The outer shells are created from upcycled cotton woven fabrics, available in all-natural colours. Materials that are used are those that would otherwise end up in landfills, so by investing in our sustainable bean bags you are helping to fight against climate change as well as global warming, promoting a more organic lifestyle. 

The bean fillings are the only bean bags in the world created from BioFoam, made from vegetable-based recyclables. All BioFoam is CO2 neutral, non-hazardous, hygienic, light-weight & durable.

All BioFoam is completely compostable and recyclable. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Vegan Bean Bags made from?

Our bean bag fillings are created from a material produced by the bean bag company known as BioFoam. BioFoam is produced from vegetable-based recyclables rather than the common polystyrenes which are harmful to the environment. The bean bag covers sold here at eTHiKel are also crafted from upcycled cotton with natural colours.  

Are Vegan Bean Bags Comfortable?

Our products are extremely high quality, comfortable and well made.. eTHikel’s bean bags are made even more comfortable considering all the positive impacts they have on the environment around you, upcycling cotton, and using vegetable-based BioFoam fillings. 

Who Supplies Sustainable Bean Bags?

The majority of our vegan bean bags are provided by The Big Beanbag Company meaning that they are all handmade in Cornwall, UK. Rather than polystyrene fillings that are harmful to the environment, our bean bags use a vegetable-based BioFoam filling, and the covers are upcycled in order to ensure that materials are ethically sourced and efficient.