Organic Clocks

Add a little charm and charisma to your happy healthy home with our ethically sourced, organic clocks, made uniquely in order to add a bold, vegan, message to your home, supporting planet earth. Shop our range provided by UK Brand, Seed Home Designs.

Our sustainable clock range is 100% ethically sourced and cruelty-free, allowing you to prolong the life of our planet and keep track of the time whilst doing so. 

A lot of clocks produced and sold in stores will not be ethically sourced, most clocks will not be ethically sourced and are likely to have been produced in large factories and workplaces that may have negative impacts on the environment. Whereas all of our products are handmade. 

Environmentally-Friendly Clocks For Your Home

Using sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials to create our clocks is how we ensure that materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, can be given another chance and be crafted into something comfortable and given another cycle of life. 

Clocks across the world are likely to not only be created in non-environmentally friendly conditions but the materials used in these clocks can also be classed as inorganic. Clocks are often created using plastics and paints that may be toxic to the environment around us and sourced in unethical manners, as well as not being made from recycled parts and materials.   

The clocks that we stock on our website are sourced from a UK based provider known as Seed Home Designs. All clocks provided by this seller are made solely in the UK, so you can be certain that our stock is all made in-house, or elsewhere across the country, being ethically sourced and organic is something we take very seriously. This is why we stock clocks made from recycled materials.

We are incredibly passionate about repurposing eco-friendly, recycled materials, into a powerful, bold, and beautiful, vegan fashion statement.  

Our vegan clocks make the perfect gift for anyone who is vegan, especially those with a good sense of style, and a passion for our planet. 

We also sell a variety of other vegan living products including throws, cushions, lampshades and bean bags. All making perfect gifts for any vegan homeowner. 

What Clock Materials Aren’t Vegan?

Clocks are usually not vegan due to the environment or manner in which they are produced, if a clock is manufactured in a factory that has a negative impact on the environment, many would not consider it to be vegan. If it isn’t made from recycled materials, and instead uses plastics and toxic paints, the clock may be classed as inorganic and therefore not considered ethical. 


Are Clocks Always Sustainable?

Believe it or not, Clocks are not always sustainable, or environmentally friendly. In order to really be classed as sustainable, your clock would have to be sourced from recycled materials and then be recyclable itself. If your clock has a negative impact on the environment, being made in a non-environmentally friendly factory, or crafted from materials like plastics, it wouldn’t be sustainable.  


Why Buy Vegan Clocks?

Purchasing a vegan clock is a good way to help the environment around you, and invest in a better future for the generations to come. It is a good way to be proactive and ensure that recyclable materials are promoted and given another cycle of life, as opposed to materials that could potentially harm our planet.