Organic Cushions

Style your home with our range of high quality and sustainable cushions. Choose from brands like Tikauo. Our vegan cushions are not only incredibly high quality but they’re also super stylish and fit well in any interior design they’re used in.

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Our products are completely vegan meaning that not only will your house look great but your choice of fully sustainable cushions is helping the environment.  Crafted from upcycled materials and helping to fight against carbon emissions. 


Vegan Cushions for Your Living Room

Here at eTHikel we only stock high-quality, fashionable products that will look great in your home, last a long time, and are available at an affordable price. In addition to this, choose from products sold on our site that are handcrafted or hand-designed.

We refuse to use any materials that are derived from animals or have been tested on animals in any way. So not only will your living room look amazing but you can rest assured knowing that the addition of your cushions didn’t involve harming any animals.

Our products are crafted from upcycled materials such as cushion covers made from recycled cotton that are also recyclable. Therefore there is very little impact on the environment from the production particularly when the cushions are handmade. All cushions are ethically and sustainably produced so that no industrial warehouses are used to create our products.

Any cushions provided by Seed Home Designs are hand produced in the UK, with any designs being drawn by the designer, and then printed using sustainable inks. 

All cotton and other materials used in these cushions are ethically sourced, being machine washable at 30°C.

We also stock vegan cushions and covers from Tikauo who help to work against landfills. Tikauo researched just how much cotton was contributing to landfills and decided to fight for a more sustainable future for the cotton industry.

Tikauo vegan cushions are produced ethically by making use of recycled cotton waste, fighting for a more sustainable future. Hard work and dedication are the key ingredients when it comes to creating weaving fabrics from recycled cotton and fibres.

Our cushions and cushion covers are not only environmentally friendly,  but they’re also machine washable and a selection are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Vegan Cushions made from?

Tikauo Cushions are created from fully recyclable and upcycled cotton and other fabrics, you can rest assured knowing that all cotton fibres are not only ethically sourced, but by shopping with eTHikel, they are staying away from landfills. Any inks used for printing purposes are all completely organic as well. 

Are Vegan Cushions Comfortable?

Our products are just as comfortable as any generic cushion or pillow. Being made out of similar materials in similar ways, with the only differences being, cushions sold on eTHikel are handmade with extra care, and any materials have been upcycled and ethically sourced.