Organic Throws

Our vegan, natural throws and blankets are the best way to add some style and comfort to your happy healthy home with our high-quality products coming from UK-based brands like The Natural Blanket Company and The Blue Llama Shop.

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Our organic throws are great for the environment and are the best investment if protecting our planet is something that you feel passionate about. Creating products out of recycled or upcycled materials is a great way to ensure sustainability in our products and do what’s best for future generations, and the environment around us. 

Most normal throws and blankets, that can be found in stores and purchased elsewhere on the web, will not be vegan or sustainably sourced unless mentioned otherwise. Most throws are either made out of animal-derived materials, such as the very common wools or silk. Or they can be made in warehouses and factories which have a negative impact on the environment around them. Not making use out of recyclable materials or being sourced organically are two big factors that determine whether a product is to be considered vegan or organic. 

Sustainable Blankets For Your Home 

Investing in our vegan blankets is a great way to promote sustainability and keep cosy in the colder months with high quality, organic throws. Produced by The Natural Blanket, our products are guaranteed to be incredibly durable and well made, as every item is artisan weaved and sourced from only the best, most sustainable sources. All products are being produced in the United Kingdom, with quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, being taken very seriously. 

Investing in non-vegan or sustainable throws is not only bad for the environment but doesn’t promote the views that we encourage. Most throws and blankets will be made from materials that are derived from animals, usually, sheep wool, which is not only animal cruelty but isn’t sustainable or organic. Blankets may be considered unethical if they are produced in bulky factories which negatively affect the environment

Our products are very special, and an amazing choice, not only because they promote the vegan lifestyle, but they are handwoven, by very talented individuals, crafted with love, and care for the customer, ensuring a high-quality product and durable throws for your home. 

We are incredibly passionate about repurposing eco-friendly, recycled materials, into a powerful, bold, and beautiful, vegan fashion statement.  

Our sustainable throws and blankets make the perfect gift for anyone who is vegan, especially those with a good sense of style, and a passion for our planet. 

We also sell a variety of other organic home products including clocks, cushions, lampshades and bean bags. All making perfect gifts for any vegan homeowner. 

Are Blankets Always Sustainable?

No, blankets and throws can often be made from materials that are derived from animals, most commonly things like wool, fur and silk, or even leather in some cases. These products may also be considered unethical if they are produced in factories or warehouses that negatively impact the environment. 


What Makes A Throw Ethical?

In order for a throw or blanket to be considered organic, it shouldn’t involve any animal testing, so therefore any animal-derived materials can not be used. The product has to be made from recyclable materials and be sustainably sourced. It is good practice to invest in handmade blankets to ensure they weren’t manufactured in polluted environments. 


Why Invest In A Vegan Blanket?

A vegan blanket is a good investment as you are promoting and helping industries with eco-friendly views and values. You are helping to save the planet and ensuring that no animals are harmed in the making of the products that you consume. Our handmade products also ensure that you aren’t contributing to the welfare of any factories that have negative impacts on the environment around us.