Eco Friendly and Sustainable Womens Jewellery

Our range of women’s sustainable Jewellery is perfect for those looking to dress with accessories that have been made with natural materials. Allowing you to combine elegance and style whilst preserving our Planet.

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Our sustainable Women’s Jewellery range is all cruelty-free and ethically sourced, allowing you to look great whilst taking care of our planet. 

Lots of poorly made jewellery products are prone to losing their colour due to water and oxidization, and can even leave green marks and stains upon the owner’s wrists, necks and fingers. Investing in our Sustainably Sourced, Cruelty-Free, Vegan Jewellery range is a great way to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

Eco-Friendly Jewellery For Women

Our ethical Women’s Jewellery range is all sourced in ethical and environmentally friendly ways. We stock a wide range of beautiful jewellery that is all handmade and crafted from recycled, and recyclable, materials. Each product is made to be unique with beautiful little gems of all colours and sizes on each piece. These stones are known as ‘Bio-Gems’ and are all fully plant-based.

 Creating sustainable Jewellery is a great way to ensure that materials that would otherwise be thrown in landfills, can be given another chance and be crafted into something amazing. 

In the sustainable women’s jewellery range, each individual product has been hand-crafted to represent a unique and different design every time. The Gems and Stones are made up of different inedible food compounds, sourced from a range of fruits and vegetables, mainly paired with recycled sterling silvers used to present the beautiful bio-gems. 

We have a strong passion for recycling eco-friendly materials, into a beautiful, bold and powerful, vegan fashion statement.  

Our vegan women’s jewellery makes the perfect gifts for any woman, especially those with a passion for our planet, and a good sense of style.

We also sell a variety of other jewellery products perfect for Men!

Is Jewellery Always Sustainable?

No, most jewellery is not ethically sourced and can often be made from non-sustainable materials. Items of jewellery wouldn’t be classed as sustainable if the materials they are made with have a negative impact on the environment. Creating jewellery from recycled materials is always a great way to ensure that you are being as sustainable as possible, as well as avoiding animal testing. 


How Can Jewellery Be Vegan?

There are many different factors that can determine whether a product or piece of jewellery is either vegan or cruelty-free. In order to be Vegan, these pieces cannot include materials that have come from animals, Silk, Feathers, Pearls, Shells, Certain Glues and other materials that come from Animals are not allowed to be included.


Why Purchase Vegan Jewellery?

Investing in our vegan Jewellery range is great for many reasons. Not only is investing in sustainable materials amazing for our environment, but by using recycled, and recyclable items you are stopping them from going to landfills and giving them a longer lifespan. Our products are all animal friendly, as we do not test on animals or use materials that come from them. Therefore by shopping our range you are looking great whilst also protecting the environment. 


What Causes Green Stains From Jewellery?

When an item of Jewellery is made poorly, or from a bad material it can often cause green stains to be left around your hands and wrists. These stains can come from a reaction between the material and either your body or a product applied to your skin. The build-up is professionally known as verdigris and is common with materials like copper.