Ethical Rings for Women

Combine elegance and style whilst preserving our planet with our ethical and environmentally friendly rings. This sustainable range is great for women who want to protect the planet and look stylish whilst doing so.

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Our fully organic and sustainable, Women’s Ring range is all ethically sourced and cruelty-free, meaning that you can rest assured knowing that your rings are made from recycled materials and no animals have been involved in any way. 

You can also have some peace of mind in knowing that you are unlikely to see any of those disgusting verdigris marks appear around your fingers. This is what happens when materials like copper, react to your skin and the elements. This is one of the reasons why we use recycled sterling silver, as one of our main materials. 

Eco-Friendly Rings For Women

So how are our products made? The base of our rings is handmade from recycled materials, usually, sterling silver, often accompanied by a beautiful charm or stone. These little bio-gems are fully sustainable. With the main component being different food compounds from fruit and vegetables, it is clear to say that we are always finding new ways to show innovation and creativity.

Every single product is unique and handcrafted, with sustainability being the most important factor. We aim to meet society’s current needs, whilst also not compromising the future of the Planet for generations to come. With food waste being a massive problem, that is why we focus on repurposing the inedible parts into a powerful, bold, and beautiful, vegan fashion statement.  

We love creating our products from recycled materials because it means that instead of ending up in a landfill and contributing to pollution and global warming, these items are given another purpose and can be crafted into a beautiful piece of jewellery you can wear with pride.

Our vegan women’s rings make the perfect gift for any woman, especially those with a good sense of style, and a passion for our planet. 

We also sell a variety of other female jewellery products including earrings, bracelets, watches and necklaces. All make perfect gifts for women. Men’s jewellery range is available too!

Are Pearls Vegan?

No, many would not consider real pearls to be vegan. Most pearls are produced by Oysters and other members of the Mollusc family, which is a key part of the animal kingdom, and most Oysters are actually even killed in the pearl making process. Most Vegan Pearls would be made from things like glass. 


Are Rings Vegan?

No, not all Rings and Jewellery are vegan. It is not uncommon for rings especially to be decorated with things like pearls and shells which come from animals. Also, materials such as beeswax glue are often used to hold rings together and these materials are not vegan. Some materials and substances may also be tested on animals. 


What Are Eco-Friendly Rings Made From?

Most sustainable rings and jewellery pieces are made from recycled materials, this could include gems, metals and a range of other materials. Lots of precious metals can be recycled very easily, including substances like gold and silver which can be melted down and repurposed with ease.

What Glues Are Vegan?

Most glues are in fact vegan nowadays and are made from petroleum, as well as materials such as polyvinyl acetate, cyanoacrylates, and epoxies. Common glues that aren’t vegan would include beeswax glue and others that are made from animal hides, bones and fish.