Mental Health Awareness & Climate Anxiety


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK and we’re looking at ways to help with climate anxiety.

Mental Health and Climate Anxiety

The Mental Health Foundation states that one in four adults feel lonely sometimes or all of the time. And the current pandemic of climate anxiety does nothing to help.

In a 2021 global survey of 10,000 people between ages 16 and 25 published by The Lancet Planetary Health, 56% of participants said that humanity was doomed, and 45% said climate anxiety affected their daily lives. In October 2021, 43% of adults in Great Britain reported feeling anxious about the future of the environment, according to the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS’) Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN).

Climate anxiety, like any other anxiety, can create feelings of isolation and intense loneliness. Findings from the IPCC report, such as greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, climate change related extreme poverty affecting millions of people, heat-related mortality and the increase in mental health issues are some of the reasons that may trigger stress and discouragement when facing the scale of our environmental damage, but as scary as some of the stats may be, there is still a lot humanity can do to turn things around.

Because deep down, we are all pro-Earth, but we might not know where to start. And at eTHikel, we’re on a mission to help you pursue an eco-friendly life, step by step, and reduce your impact on the environment.

One of the first things to do to alleviate climate anxiety is to turn this fear into action. Together, we can resist fast consumerism and make smart choices with our wallets by choosing pro-Earth brands and products. If it helps, we have vetted over 90 brands with over 2000 products for you, for most of your needs. Starting your eco-friendly journey can be overwhelming, and there’s just no need for this stress in your life!

You can also connect with others by participating in pro-Earth activities, such as community gardening, eco hikes, park or beach clean ups, which will make you feel less alone and a lot more in charge. This is also a great opportunity to find people aligned with your values, who will probably have many tips to offer on how to lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

We can also all feel a little better by facing the truth but tuning out the unnecessary clutter. Allow yourself a break from social media and focus on doing your part for all the good you can contribute to. Instead of doom scrolling, list out the things that would allow you to live a low-carbon lifestyle, such as biking to work, thrifting for new clothes, going to your local market for fresh fruit and veg.

But if loneliness is still too much, and the anxiety won’t go away, it’s okay to ask for help. The Good Grief Network, Samaritans, Mental Health UK and Mind can help build up your resilience around climate change and other global concerns.

Together, we can do this!

How are you feeling this week? Have you felt climate anxiety in the last few months? If so, how have you been coping? Please get in touch with us and share the ways you’ve switched to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and beat those blues!