Mix Clean Green

Multi Mix multipurpose concentrate cleaner



Our Award winning Multi Mix cleans all the surfaces in your home beautifully; it will leave wood feeling protected; counters feeling clean and furniture looking fantastic.

This little bottle of Multi Mix makes up 2.25 litres of fabulous multipurpose cleaner.  Packed with an almighty punch of Organic Sweet Orange oil it’ll leave the house looking fab and smelling lush.

Multi Mix is vegan, highly environmentally conscious, SLS/ paraben/ chemical preservative/ colouring and  palm free. Plus because it’s water-free, you know that you’ll be keeping your carbon footprint small as it wings it’s way to your home.

Ethical value

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Additional Information

To make up:

  • Measure 10ml (two teaspoons) into a clean, empty bottle.
  • Add 140ml of cooled, boiled water.
  • Swirl till dissipated.
  • Clean.

Ingredients contain: Surfactant <5%, Glycerine, Organic Sweet Orange

150ml bottle

Available in:

one size.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery in 3-4 business days via Second Class Royal mail.

Returns permitted for faulty items.


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