Natural Hair Care Ingrediants

Natural Hair Care Ingredients That Will Transform Your Hair Routine


Discover which natural hair care ingredients are most suited to your hair type and the ones to avoid.

Are you ready to turn those bad hair days into hell yeah days? Read on to find out which natural, cruelty-free hair care ingredients are most suited to you, and will breathe life back into your locks.

Have you ever noticed that one week your hair is soft, bouncy and glowing, but the next it is flat, dull and lifeless? That your hair care routine seems to lose effect and no matter how many different products and routines you try, it just won’t quite reach the daily perfection you are striving for?!

Whilst our hair is primarily determined by genetics, the ingredients we apply can have a significant impact on whether we get a good or bad hair day.

You might not believe this, but there are actually 12 different hair types, each with its own coding system. For simplicity, we will be breaking down hair types into:

– Straight (Normal or Fine)

– Wavy

– Curly/Coily

The best natural hair care ingredients for straight hair

Straight hair tends to get oily more quickly. This means that you should avoid using leave-in day oils and butter on this hair type. The best eco-friendly products to use here are lightweight texture sprays and natural dry shampoos. Natural ingredients like acacia gum and kaolin clay can bring volume and texture to your straight locks and are commonly found in natural dry shampoos. Also look out for hair care products with aloe vera in, as this will add moisture without weighing your hair down or making it greasy.

One of the ultimate hair saviours are proteins, which come in abundance in the world of natural hair care. Natural proteins such as wheat, oat or vegetable proteins will help to thicken those hair strands and naturally strengthen them.

What about fine-straight or thinning hair?

Fine hair soaks up proteins. Again you can try products with wheat, oat or even quinoa proteins which will all help to strengthen your hair strands from the inside out.

Whilst leave-in oils can sometimes be a bit too heavy for fine hair, an overnight oil mask is a must-have in a fine girl’s hair routine. You can go as wild and exotic as you like with overnight oils, from coconut and almond to pomegranate or argan oil. Just be sure to rinse out properly using an eco-scalp brush to avoid any build-up.

Products containing nettle are a great way to stimulate your hair follicles and encourage hair growth by increasing the blood flow to your scalp.

The best natural hair care ingredients for wavy hair

If you love your natural waves and bends, you will want to use products that enhance your curls rather than weighing them down. In this case, you’ll want to opt for lightweight mousses, serums and anti-humidity products to keep frizz at bay.

Products with omega-rich oils like shea butter, cupuacu butter and marula oil are all great ingredients for reducing unwanted frizz. Apricot and pomegranate oils are fab fruit oils for those of you looking to get a more lightweight definition to your waves.

The best natural hair care ingredients for curly & coily hair

The best routine for curly and coily hair types is to reduce frizz whilst enhancing your beautiful curls that fine-haired gals are very envious of!

Lots of natural proteins like wheat, oil, bran, and vegetable proteins are the perfect ingredients for adding definition to your curls.

Moisturising ingredients like aloe vera-infused products are great for taming frizz and getting a smoother result.

Finally, you can experiment with some heavier butters and oils with this hair type since your strong curls are harder to weigh down. Coconut oil is an old favourite, but nonetheless, one of the most effective oils for absorbing into your hair strands due to its low molecular weight. You can also experiment with heavier leave-in day serums and oils (again any of the high-omega oils will do the trick).

Luckily for us sustainable haircare lovers, there are increasingly more products available that are natural, ethically sourced and sustainable. Check out eTHikel Marketplace haircare range to begin your natural hair care journey today!

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