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Organic Chocolate Latte with Chaga Barista Blend



Give your hot chocolate the ultimate upgrade! This ‘feel-good’ latte uses raw cacao to create a deliciously indulgent cup of hot chocolate.

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We use only the very best Criollo cacao from the rainforests of Peru. The cacao is farmed organically by farmers working in a co-operative which supports the local economy. The Criollo bean represents only 5% of the world’s cacao production and is very high quality, aromatic and lacking in bitterness. The beans are minimally processed at low temperatures to preserve these natural characteristics.

We’ve also added some Cordyceps Militaris mushroom powder for it’s amazing properties.  Historically, Cordyceps mushrooms were used in China exclusively in the Emperor’s palace because they were so rare.  Today various scientific studies have been carried out on this mushroom and it’s believed to have an anti-fatigue effect on the body.

Our Barista Blends are designed to be added to hot milk, either dairy or non-dairy.

Dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free

Pack size: 100g

Servings: 15 cups

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Organic Raw Crystallised Coconut Nectar, Cordyceps Militaris mushroom powder

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Brand:Sweet Revolution

Nourish your body and feed your soul with our great tasting drinks that are 100% organic, vegan, free from dairy, refined sugar, gluten and/or caffeine. We are passionate about developing healthy, nutritious drinks using functional ingredients. Our recipes reflect our ...


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