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The Mix Kit



A starter cleaning kit with the full range of Mix Clean Green products along with bottles and accessories to get you started on your single-use plastic free journey while cleaning.

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The Kit contains:

Multi Mix: A concentrate multipurpose making up 2.25 litres of beautifully scented cleaning fluid. This Multi purpose cleaner uses the power of Organic Sweet Orange oil, to clean, along with other plant-derived ingredients. It will leave your home looking beautiful and lift your senses while you clean.

Shiny Mix: A starter bottle of Shiny Mix to keep your hard surfaces super sparkling. Just add 150ml of cooled, boiled water to the bottle, shake occasionally until the tablets have been dissolved. Scented with organic Sicilian Lemon oil. An extra dose is also included.

Bath Mix: Keep the sink or bath super clean, whilst enjoying the scent of English Peppermint oil bringing to mind the smell of mint-cake or some even say Choc-mint ice-cream. This paste can be used on most things around the house and has endless uses, not just the bathroom. This is a best seller with very good reason.

Toilet Mix: A super-concentrate Toilet cleaner, using an innovative bio-surfactant and smelling of Organic Lavender oil. This wee tin of 50 grams makes up 1 litre of toilet cleaner that will banish germs and break down limescale using natural ingredients to keep your loo sparkling.

Whizz Mix: (9 cubes) These essential oil free bombs are based on traditional toilet bombs, but with a twist. Containing a tiny amount of a renewable, highly sustainable and 100% biodegradable bio-surfactant, allowing you can clean your loo with a quick scrub (no foam, but we promise it’s there) after it’s worked it’s magic by fizzing all the rubbish off.  Whizz Mix cubes will freshen, neutralise odours and allow for a quick clean. It really is all in the Mix.

Two Amber bottles (empty) one with a pourer for the Toilet Mix and one with a high spec reusable plastic trigger for your Multi Mix.

One Scrub brush.

The Mix Kit

The Kit contains:

Multi Mix: 150ml

Kitchen Mix: 4 tablets

Bath Mix: 115ml

Toilet Mix: 50 grams

Two Amber bottles

A cork and stainless steel pourer for the Toilet Mix

One high spec reusable plastic trigger for your Multi Mix.

9 cubes of Whizz Mix (toilet bombs).

One wood and natural bristle brush


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Delivery in 3-4 business days via Second Class Royal mail.

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