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Toilet Mix is a highly concentrated mix that will banish limescale, remove debris and leave your toilet sparkling. The powerful ingredients use a natural antibacterial to kill off germs whilst remaining kind to environment.

This innovative powder product has a super-small carbon footprint, being completely water-free.  No bulky bottles being transported, just a tiny tin with enough mix to make up 1 litre of ready-to-use toilet cleaner.  Just add warm tap water at home! Not only that our Toilet Mix uses a cutting edge bio-surfactant (posh soap) made from renewable sources, making it a truly sustainable and highly eco-conscious toilet cleaner!

Toilet Mix is bleach-free toilet concentrate packs a fantastic punch with 5 grams making up 100ml of ready-to-use toilet cleaner.  What’s not to love with it’s gentle scent of Organic Lavender oil, and using a range of natural and plant derived cleaning agents to make your loo sparkle, removing limescale, lifting debris, leaving it smelling clean.

As with all our products, this is highly sustainable, non-toxic to child or pets, Vegan, Palm oil/ SLS and paraben-free.

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Additional Information

Tin contains 50 grams which makes up 1 litre of ready-to-use toilet cleaner or if you prefer, you can use your own container or refill with our zero-waste version. This comes in a home-compostable pouch with recycled paper label.

To make 100ml (though you can make more at a time if you prefer).

    • Place 5 grams (about a level teaspoon) into a bottle or jug. If there are any big lumps, break them up with a spoon or knife.
    • Add 100ml warm tap water for every 5 grams.
    • Leave for around 30-60minutes, shaking occasionally.
    • Pour a small amount into the toilet, scrub and leave for at least 30minutes.  Overnight is even better

Ta da. Sparkly, poo and germ free loo!

Ingredients include: Citric acid, bio-surfactant, organic Lavender oil.

Product types

Available in:

Starter tin or Zero-waste/ refill versions

Delivery & Returns

Delivery in 3-4 business days via Second Class Royal mail.

Returns permitted for faulty items.


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