Holy Lama

Traditional Spice Gift Box (Limited Edition)



A beautiful handmade rose wood, solid wood, spice box with whole spices: cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves all from the farms of Kerala, South India.

Ethical value

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Additional Information

A traditional Keralan gift that can also be used as a home decoration, besides a spice storage box. It is handcrafted by the artists of Kerala, South India.

As they are handmade, each box is not exactly the same and the lid will not seal tightly as it’s a sliding lid.


Dimensions: 23cm long x 15 cm wide and 6 cm high.

Seller Information

Brand:Holy Lama

Holy Lama Naturals is a family business based in Kerala with its origins in the essential oils industry. All of Holy Lama Naturals’ products are made using the finest quality ingredients sourced primarily from local farmers in Kerala or elsewhere ...


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